Ciao Thyme works with a long list of corporate clients on a variety of special events.  Conferences, workshops, retirement parties, holiday parties, open houses, non-profit fundraisers, regional meetings and team building classes are just some of the events we have catered or facilitated for our corporate customers.  We offer both off-site catering (for up to 300 guests) and on-site events In the Kitchen (for up to 48 guests).

If you are planning a local conference and want people to be nourished with good, local food that will keep them energized through the note taking—call Ciao Thyme to create a healthful meal.  If you have regional managers or other VIPs coming to town and you need to impress them—call Ciao Thyme to provide a private dinner or lunch meeting.  If you have a group of new employees or need a morale outing with your office crew—call Ciao Thyme and join us In the Kitchen for a team building cooking class.  Whatever your corporate catering needs, we will bring our full-service style and delicious food to help make it unforgettable.

Looking for Ciao Thyme's great flavors without a full-service affair?  Consider ordering from our CT2GO cold cases.  You can take our wonderful entrees and sides to cater your own party!

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Team Building

Team building classes put you In the Kitchen. 

These casual, hands-on classes with office groups, corporate executives, families and other groups allow people to get to know each other in a fun, open environment.  Recipes are designed to be carried out in small groups with the help of an instructor and each station teaches different skills.  Students will work with one another to produce a meal, then all will sit together to enjoy their creations.  The feeling of group accomplishment and pride at a well-prepared meal will help strengthen the bonds in your group. 

This class can be a great reward for a job well done or the way to help ease the merge of two businesses.  Cooking together is a morale booster—you can leave it at that or hire a facilitator to follow the class with a group exercise to more directly apply the experience to their work environment.  Either way, the group will leave refreshed having seen their co-workers in a new light.  Call today to book your team building class In the Kitchen. 

Group team building classes start at $125/person.

Ciao Thyme has been lucky to work with some of the most talented, earnest and passionate photographers and designers, tailors and florists, innkeepers and hot air balloonists, and would love to recommend you their way. In addition to those below, take a look through our blog posts or bring it up while discussing your plans with us, and we’ll make sure you’re set up right for a great event.