Ciao Thyme's spin on an Italian Classic...

It is a two and half hour drive from Rome's Fiumicino airport to the Trampetti family Villa just above Foligno, in the heart of Umbria!  In the entirety of that drive there is just one, one single stop on that stretch of freeway!  At that stop you can take an espresso, purchase a bottle of wine, dried pasta, umbrian chile and lentils, fresh pork sausage, cured salami and most importantly - PORCHETTA!!!

This is the first official stop of the Culinary Intensive: Umbria, led by Jessica and Mataio Gillis each October.  But you do not have to fly to Umbria to partake in this delightful classic roasted pig...  We have posted the recipe for you to make at home, or you can place an order to take one home with you!  Call or email us for more information about Ciao Thyme 2GO

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Buon Appetito

Umbrian Sausage - Tagliavento (the butcher of Bevagna)

1000 grams Pork Shoulder, Fat Back, Neck and/or Belly combination, coarse ground

30 grams Salt

10 grams Pepper, freshly ground

10 grams Garlic puree, cloves freshly pounded

60 grams Red Wine

Combine the ground pork with salt, pepper, garlic and wine and mix by hand for 3 minutes to combine - this mixture can be placed in casings or used in the porchetta recipe as fresh ground sausage.

Ciao Thyme’s Porchetta Roast 

2# Pork Shoulder, butterflied

1/3 Pork Belly, butterflied

8 oz Sausage, fresh

Fresh Seasoning

2 Tbsp Italian parsley, chopped

2 Tbsp Sage, chopped

1 Tbsp Rosemary, chopped

1 Tbsp Garlic, minced

2 lemons, zest reserved

1 orange, zest reserved


Savory Filling

4 oz butter

1 # Onion, julienned

1 # Fennel, julienned

1 # Apple, sliced *seasonal


Porchetta Spice Blend

3 Tbsp Salt

2 Tbsp Fennel Seeds, crushed

2 Tbsp Red Chile flakes, crushed

1 Tbsp Fennel Pollen

6 cloves, ground


Place the Pork Belly skin side down on a stable cutting board, slice into the center of the belly, half of its thickness, slice left and right to open the belly up - increasing its size by double.  Using the jagged edge of a meat mallet, pound the belly all over for approx. 1 minute. Once your portion is set - draw a 1/8” deep cross-hatch with your knife on each side of the belly - see class demonstration.

Repeat this process with the shoulder - To butterfly the shoulder - we slice it in a fashion that allows us to ‘un-roll’ it.  We can then portion it into 2 or 3 porchetta pieces. Using the jagged edge of a meat mallet, pound the belly all over for approx. 1 minute. Once your portion is set - draw a 1/8” deep cross-hatch with your knife on each side of the shoulder - see class demonstration.  

Note about whole pork shoulder - Often our shoulders will have a large fat cap section that can be used as a ‘belly’ in some cases. 

To assemble - we season the belly and the shoulder - rubbing the spice blend deep into the cross hatch we made with our knives.  Season each side equally - 1 Tbsp of spice mix per pound of meat.

Next place the shoulder on top of the interior of the belly, press the sausage into the shoulder, sprinkle the herb garlic mixture, followed by the onion & fennel mixture

Roll the belly and the shoulder around the sausage, the end of the belly should sit on the bottom, with a nice scored fat cap on top. If any of the belly or shoulder overhangs, you can trim the meat and use it for sausage. We will tie the completed porchetta roll tightly with butcher’s twine.

Refrigerate the Porchetta roast, on a cooling rack above a sheet tray, covered with a cloth towel, for up to 3 days to allow the roast to cure and the skin (if using) to ‘air-dry’.

Sear the Porchetta in a hot cast iron skillet until nicely browned.  Place the porchetta in a deep roasting pan with a rack, pour 2 cups of wine into the pan, add a few sprigs of rosemary and a head of garlic cut in two. Cover the pan with saran wrap ad foil.  Place the porchetta in the oven preheated to 350°F for 30 minutes, reduce the heat to 300°F and allow it to roast slowly for 2 1/2 hours longer. 

An instant-read thermometer inserted into center of meat should register approx. 185°F. Let the roast rest for 30 minutes before slicing. 

Using a long slicing knife, slice the Porchetta into approx. 12 thick slices.  Enjoy on a roll, polenta or a radicchio salad.