Ciao Thyme Commons

At long last, there is a gathering space in downtown Bellingham with an elegant, urban aesthetic, modern technology, a view of Mount Baker, and the warmth of your best friend’s living room, all under one stunning roof.

The unique lighting fixtures, from Valencia Spain, draw your eyes to the center of the room and were the inspiration for our Ciao Thyme Commons logo. We imagine all manner of events taking place in this room—weddings, parties, celebrations, meetings, retreats, workshops, concerts, movies, plays and anything else you might dream about. Ciao Thyme Commons will accommodate up to 120 folks seated and 175 standing, yet the feel is intimate and inviting and could be just as suited to a group of 10.

While this room is anything but common, one of the definitions of “commons” refers to resources affecting the whole of a community. We want the Ciao Thyme Commons to be just that—we want you to see it as a resource and we hope to affect our community, by bringing people together in a beautiful shared space. Ciao Thyme is excited to offer catering and bar services to renters of the Ciao Thyme Commons; however the venue is available independently for those that don’t require these services.


Ciao Thyme has been lucky to work with some of the most talented, earnest and passionate photographers and designers, tailors and florists, innkeepers and hot air balloonists, and would love to recommend you their way. In addition to those below, take a look through our blog posts or bring it up while discussing your plans with us, and we’ll make sure you’re set up right for a great event.